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Fire Assessment,
Training and Supplies

Fire Assessment, Training and Supplies

What is a Fire Assessment?

Fire risk assessment is a professional evaluation and identification of the fire hazards and risks within the workplace. This review helps to decide whether the risks identified are acceptable or whether you need to take steps to reduce or control them.

Fire safety in the workplace is paramount and it should be documented if you have responsibility for a building. This complies with obligations under the Fire Safety Order 2005 which became law in 2006. Any hazards identified must be assessed and a control measure will be put in place to reduce the risk.

What are the main areas to examine in a Fire Risk Assessment?

  • Prevention – How to prevent a fire from starting in the first place through proper conduct and sticking to housekeeping rules.
  • Communication – Ensure all fire communications are appropriate and functioning such as signage, detectors and alarms.
  • Confinement – Conducting checks on confinement such as fire doors and smoke dampers.
  • Escape – Establish your main escape routes and ensure they are always kept free of obstruction.
  • Fire Suppression – Allocatingfire wardens with the correct training to use portable firefighting equipment
  • Training – Establishing what needs improving through drills and maintenance

How we can help you

At Sureteam we offer a variety of services to help you meet your fire safety obligations, you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.


Our specialist team of fire risk assessors provide onsite visits to assess your fire risks. We can help with prevention and education on fire safety in the workplace and what procedure to follow in the event of a fire.

In some cases, these assessments can highlight areas for improvement that we can provide additional support for including Workplace risk assessments and training courses.

Fire Safety Training for All Levels

We offer a wide variety of fire safety training for staff, in-depth fire safety courses for fire wardens, as well as UK fire training. These courses are available both in house and online:

If you’re interested in Fire health and safety training for your employees, please give our team a call on 01666 503686.

Fire Safety Supplies

In addition to our consultancy and training services, we also provide fire extinguishers, stands, notices and fire supplies as well as the necessary maintenance.

Fire Risk Assessments and Reviews

Give us a call on 01666 503686 or fill out our contact form to discuss your needs.