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COSHH Assessments and Training

COSHH Assessments and Training

What is COSHH? It is a common misconception that COSHH is just for anything labelled ‘hazardous’ when it is much more than that. It is paramount that employers not only understand COSHH and the potential harm that could be caused to employees but conduct a proper risk assessment to identify any dangerous substances that are in use in your workplace.

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health and the assessment will concentrate on identifying these as well as methods to reduce risk. These regulations require employers to control exposure to hazardous substances to prevent ill health.

Not surprisingly, COSHH regulations can affect most industries from cleaners, to tradesmen, to office workers so don’t be caught out thinking you don’t need one.

Some Examples for COSHH

Hazards that fall into the category of COSHH are substances that are corrosive, oxidising, explosive, toxic or flammable to name but a few. These could include substances such as cleaning chemicals, dust, fumes and gases.

The severity of the substances will vary from industry to industry so there is no ‘one glove fits all’ solution, it is therefore important to assess each specific workplace to identify what is a hazard and how it can be controlled.

How Can We Help You?

Our specialist consultants at Sureteam can prepare and carry out an onsite COSHH risk assessment which will identify any hazardous substances, assess the risk of it being used and help put in measures to avoid any accidents.

We will also discuss our findings with you to implement appropriate safe systems of work, highlight maintenance issues and identify any training need..

In some cases, these assessments can highlight other areas of the business that require improvement such as fire safety or workplace risk assessments.

Our expert team are also able to offer our advice on personal protective equipment and face fit testing.

COSHH Training

As well as our consultancy services, we are able to offer an in-depth training course to enable you to carry out your own COSHH risk assessments with confidence.

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