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You may be confident that you have your wider health and safety covered but need some specific advice in a particular area, or perhaps you need a review of what you are doing by a qualified advisor to give you peace of mind that you are meeting your obligations? Our team of highly qualified and experienced health and safety consultants provide practical Health and Safety advice, tips and solutions for businesses of all sizes – be that small companies to huge multinational firm – across a wide range of health and safety issues. We offer a free initial consultation so get in touch today to see how we can help you make sure you’ve got your Health and Safety covered.

Managing organisational change safely

Ensuring the safety of your employees and customers during normal business operations can generally be managed without issue once the correct policies and procedures are in place.  It is typically during times of organisational change when issues can occur. A key part of the work we do with clients also involves supporting them during times of change to ensure that any new risks are identified, and processes adapted to manage them successfully.

When Might Advice Be Needed?

The following situations typically require access to advice and support from one of our consultants: Taking on new employees – we can ensure that all new staff are correctly trained; from general health and safety awareness to role specific courses Implementing new production processes or launching new products – we can provide assistance with the evaluation of potential risks and ensuring adequate management processes are put in place Moving location – we can help you to assess the safety of your new working environment; from desk assessments to fire evacuation procedures or making sure that your landlord fully meets his obligations. If your business is going through significant change and you want to ensure you manage it with the safety or your employees at the forefront, give our team a call on 01666 503686 to arrange an initial free consultation to see how we can help.