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Roxtec Case Study

Assisting with Inspection Work Onboard Luxury Cruise Liner

An increase in Offshore and Marine activity post pandemic saw Sureteam once again assist Swedish based Roxtec Services AB with inspection work of passive fire and water integrity systems onboard a luxury Cruise liner currently under construction. (Image above is a stock image)

The task entails assisting Roxtec Services in inspecting and ensuring that the modular sealing systems used, comply with the type approval certification for each product and that they will maintain fire and watertight integrity required for such a vessel. The ship will be classed and approved as seaworthy when all penetrations on board are sealed to a satisfactory standard.

Continuous Inspection and Re-inspection to Ensure Fire and Watertight Safety

There are currently in excess of 10,000 openings in different sections of the ship’s structure, and with new cables being pulled continuously the inspectors are constantly inspecting and re-inspecting the openings both proactively and when requested by the electrical contractors carrying out the electrical works.

In addition they are responsible for ensuring relevant permits are in place to ensure that there is a full overview of the penetrations being made.

The installation history of the ship is plotted on a specially designed application where inspectors have plotted in each penetration and have an up-to-date status with details of any issues found as well as pictures showing the current status of the penetration.

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Director of Global Operations Dave Barker is an engineer with a background in offshore safety and formally worked with Roxtec services from the time they commenced trading in 2016.

“It was nice to be back doing something I have done in the past” he said. “The hours are long and at times it can be extremely busy, but there is a sense of fulfilment in knowing that when the ship finally sails on its maiden voyage that every penetration will be accounted for, and every penetration will be installed correctly maintaining its integrity in the event of an incident and protecting life and assets.”

It is expected that other periods will follow and there shall be more project involvement between Roxtec Services and Sureteam Ltd in the near future.

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