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Corella Case Study

Corella Case Study

Corella Ltd is a family run, building construction firm based in Wiltshire that undertakes all types of building projects offering specialist building techniques as well as project management. They base their processes and procedures on the highest standards of the construction industry ensuring they meet all regulations for best practice and as such have become a trusted partner for clients, contractors and architects due their transparency, professionalism and high-quality workmanship. Principle Contractor on F10 Notifiable Project Corella tendered for a construction project on a domestic property on which they would be the Principal Contractor.   The schedule of works would include:
  • Demolition
  • Renovations
  • Extensions
As a result, the project was classed as an F10 notifiable project to the Health and Safety Executive. A Notifiable project is one where the work is expected to: – last longer than 30 working days and have more than 20 workers working at the same time at any point on the project or; – exceed 500 person days Due to the scale and size of the project, Corella approached their H&S team at Sureteam to provide assistance and support to ensure that all the necessary paperwork was completed correctly and on time to comply with the CDM (Construction Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Sureteam’s Support Ensures Compliance with CDM Regulations

The team at Sureteam have considerable experience of providing competent advice, training and support to construction firms to ensure compliance with CDM Regulations. Acting as Corella’s Competent Adviser and utilising the Site Management and Safety Training Scheme the team were on hand throughout the project to assist them with carrying out their duties and take appropriate health and safety related decisions. Specifically, on this project, we provided the team at Corella with the following support prior to and during the project:
  • Liaising with the Corella team and attending pre-construction meetings. This was both physically and virtually dependent on the social distancing and local rules in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Producing a Construction Phase Plan for Corella.
  • Advising Corella on their CDM duties as Principal Contractor as well as those for the client.
  • Attending the site and undertaking 5 site inspections and producing the Site Condition Report. (When local rules reduced the movement of people video footage was able to be used.)
  • Undertaking 5 toolbox talks and appropriate documents. These were both in person and online as the physical constraints and COVID-19 rules allowed.
  • Training of the Site Supervisor to deliver toolbox talks and the production of a serious of talks for 1 year, based on necessary and important site related subjects.
  • Providing and advising on the costs for specific testing such as asbestos, dust, noise levels etc.
  • Supporting Corella with RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statements) for different phases of the project and helping their team to gain qualifications in risk assessing for future projects.
  • Assisting in the production of paperwork and submitting documentation for a SIPP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) application.
  • Producing a Training Plan for the team at Corella. (This was helpful and transparent with costings and timescales included.)
  • Providing updates in any Health and Safety Legislation that would affect the project.

Flexible, Two-Tier Support Contact to Meet the Needs of the Client

Due to the nature and increased support required for this project, we put in place a two-tier contract for Corella.  This arrangement met their needs by giving them the additional support they required on notifiable projects quickly and easily, whilst having the flexibility to revert to a more standard and lower cost contract for their more regular smaller projects.

Feedback from Corella Ltd

Paul Aubrey, Director of Corella Ltd had this to say, “Having worked with Sureteam since we started the business and been impressed by their expertise and professionalism, we knew that we wanted to partner with them for this larger project.  Knowing that we could trust them absolutely to ensure our compliancy with the CDM Regulations and to deliver and provide high-quality health and safety advice, documents and training was so important to us, our sub-contractors and ultimately our client. Our new two-tier contract system with Sureteam, really provides us with the flexibility and service that we require given the changeable nature of the projects we work on and helps ensure our budgets are spent wisely.  Knowing we have their support in this way means we can tender for larger projects with confidence.”

Support for CDM Projects

If you need professional health and safety support for meeting your CDM duties as Principal Contractor, or more general support for other smaller construction projects, contact the team on 01666 503686 for a no obligation conversation about your requirements.