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Is your Health and Safety up to Scratch? And How Regularly should you Review it for your Business

If you’re wondering this, you are not alone. A health and safety grey area that we are asked by business owners all the time is “how often should I review my health and safety procedures and policy?”

Speaking simply, the law says that your health and safety policy should be ‘up to date’. The law doesn’t state specific timelines for the following reasons;

  1. Some industries are going to need more intense health and safety procedures than others
  2. The law is changing all the time for different reasons

Whilst the lines are blurred for some business owners, the team of experts here at Sureteam have compiled their professional opinions and we have come up with the following points to help you, as a business owner, decide how and when you should review your health and safety procedures.

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DSE Assessments: How often should they be completed?

Back Pain At Work - SureteamThe move by businesses to more flexible working patterns facilitated by advancements in technology means that the risks to employees from prolonged use of Display Screen Equipment are increasing.

However, whilst the risks are becoming greater, in our experience there hasn’t been a corresponding increase in the number, or frequency, of Display Screen Assessments being completed by businesses.

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Launch of New Healthy Working System to Provide Improved DSE Support

Employee on laptop

The greater reliance on technology within businesses and move to more flexible working patterns means that the importance placed on assessing and addressing the risks to employees from prolonged use of Display Screen Equipment is increasing.

In recognition of this, Sureteam are pleased to announce the launch of the Healthy Working System through our partnership with Cardinus.  This online system will enable us to provide a tailored and more robust management tool to our clients to meet their obligations when it comes to DSE.

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Creating A Safe And Healthy Workforce – A No Brainer Solution For Employers

Health and Safety Training for BusinessesGetting Health and Safety right at work doesn’t have to cost the earth.  Research shows that employers can create a happier, more productive, and stress free workplace by putting simple risk reduction processes in place, with the right know how. By investing in training, employers can significantly reduce costs and improve employee welfare and skills.

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Leaving Health and Safety to the Experts: Should I Outsource or Recruit?

Unsurprisingly, a conundrum a lot of business owner’s face today is whether to bite the bullet and hire a specialised employee or outsource the work to an external business in a variety of different sectors. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages which are worth taking the time to explore.

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