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Level 2 Personal Licence Holders

What’s a Personal Licence Holder?

Do you want to sell alcohol as part of your business? As well as having a licenced premise, the law requires you to have an allocated personal licence holder. This is the assigned person who needs to authorise all sales of alcohol. They can also be known as a DPS which stands for designated premises supervisor.

In order to obtain a personal licence, you must be over the age of 18 and complete a number of courses and checks including a Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders Qualification Certificate.

What can you get from this eLearning course?

As well as the final certificate, this course includes a full overview of alcohol licencing. It will teach you how to apply for an alcohol licence, alcohol and its effects, personal licence holder responsibilities, protecting vulnerable people from alcohol, working in partnership, licencing for temporary events and understanding prohibitions and exemptions.

Who can take a Level 2 Personal Licence Holder Course?

This is an eLearning qualification which can be accessed on a tablet or computers.

This course is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to start selling alcohol for business in a licenced premise.

The course content:

As well as all of the above, the course will include how to:

  • Identify the benefits to society for Licencing legislation.
  • Identify the key provisions of the 2003 Licencing Act.
  • Differentiate between a personal and premises licence.
  • Identify which premises and individuals require a licence.
  • Explain what a temporary events notice is.
  • State the body responsible for issuing licences.
  • Outline the responsibilities of the Premises Licence Holder, Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) and Personal Licence Holder.
  • List the benefits of holding a personal licence.
  • State the period of validity for personal and premises licences.

How to access the Online Personal Licence Holder course

To get access to this training course, you can pay online or give our specialist team a call on 01666 503686. After signing up and paying for the course, you will receive a confirmation of payment and an email from a member of our team with the details on how to access the online course.

An advantage of taking this online Level 2 Personal Licence Holder course is that you can either complete it all in one go or in multiple stages so it can fit around your personal life and other work priorities. Once you have finished the modules, you will need to do an online test. Upon completion, you can print off or save an electronic copy of your certificate.

If you have any questions about the course or any of our other consultancy services, please give us a call on 01666 503686 and we will be more than happy to help you.


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