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Rich Abbott

Rich Abbott

Rich Abbott

Consultant / Trainer


Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) Level 3 award



Rich started his career off in The Royal Air Force as a steward, serving in both the UK and overseas. He then spent a period with the Gloucestershire constabulary, where he was part of the Support Group (the force’s Specialist Search, Method of Entry and Public Order Unit) and later became an instructor in this area. Following this, he also trained as an Advisor in this area assisting with planning, and giving real time advice in a wide range of operational situations. 

More recently, Rich worked at RMG where he was a Trainer, delivering health and safety training to the drivers and managed the road, traffic collision investigations.

Having been a health and safety practitioner for over 32 years Rich decided it was finally time to use his passion for training and work directly within the Health and Safety field.

When not helping customers stay safe...

Outside of work Rich is a passionate fan of Liverpool FC, enjoys weight lifting, live music, travel and collects vinyl records and Adidas trainers (other brands are available).