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Alison Sheppard-New

Alison Sheppard

Alison Sheppard

Admin Assistant


Day-to-day administration of consultancy, First point of contact for clients, Organises training courses


15+ years experience of office and admin work in the financial services sector

Alison is the part-time Admin Assistant at Sureteam supporting our team and dealing with the day-to-day administration of consultancy and training courses. She is therefore the person in our business who probably has more contact with all of our clients than anyone else!

Previously, Alison worked for a financial services company dealing with client investments spanning fifteen years here in Tetbury. 

When not helping customers stay safe...

Outside of work in her spare time, Alison has her own small photography business. She is also a member of Tetbury Cricket Club and plays for the newly established Women’s Softball Team. She is also a Support Coach for the club too, assisting with the youth team training.