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Peter Hodgson

An experienced Health and Safety adviser and a trainer certified by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, Peter has an extensive background in Health and Safety and a vast wealth of experience in assisting others to become compliant.

As Managing Director, Peter has led Sureteam’s consultants in working to develop risk strategies that cover day to day operations across a huge range of industries including schools, hospitals and primary care trusts, as well as corporate and small to medium sized enterprises.

Peter not only provides the kind of safety training that is required for businesses to be compliant but in a world where generalised, complex policy can make it difficult for individual businesses to see the way, Peter delivers common sense and effective solutions.

By taking this double edged approach, dealing with both workplace culture and meeting governmental aims on revitalizing Health and Safety, Peter has effected marked improvements in working conditions in all manner of industries right across the UK.