man working from home

The past year has shown how quickly businesses and individuals can adapt when they have to.  It has been surprising just how many companies have been able to effectively carry on as normal with all employees working from home either fully or partially.

But what started as a necessary temporary measure has now become semi-permanent nearly a year on and looks set to continue for at least the next 3-6 months until Government restrictions change.

At the same time many workers and employers have decided that a more agile working arrangement going forward beyond COVID-19 has its benefits in terms of flexibility and cost and so the workplaces of the future are likely to be significantly different to what was the norm only a year ago.

Whilst agile-working presents both the employee and employer with multiple potential benefits, it does also present additional health and safety challenges for employers which they will have to overcome to meet their legal obligations.

Here’s a brief look at what employers need to consider if their workforce is going to work in an agile capacity going forward.