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26 April 2016

New Chairman Of HSE Appointed

he department of work and pensions have announced the new chairman of the HSE as Martin Temple

11 April 2016

Tiger Numbers Worldwide Show Increase

The number of tigers worldwide has risen for the first time in a century.

About Us

Sureteam work with a wide range of companies from one man bands to large corporates but our core aim is always the same - to enable you to get on with your business whilst keeping yourself, your workforce and those who you come into contact with, safe.

Forget being told that you can't do something because of Health and Safety, we say once you've assessed the risk and put systems in place to deal with it then "Yes, you can".

Sureteam in a word...

We asked our clients to describe the impact that Sureteam has had on their company - but in just a few words.  Interestingly "health and safety gone mad" wasn't amongst them.

So what did they come up with?

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